Inspiring and helping a leader like you to leap toward leaving a lasting legacy is what we enjoy most. Through coaching you can improve your “now” to change your future. Bottom line: we’re executive mentors and leadership coaches with the experience to deliver unparalleled, tailored-to-your-needs sessions where you WILL grow both as a leader and person, one learned behavior at a time.

Through our Inspire Coaching process you will:

  • Make clearer decisions.
  • Set prioritized goals and make measurable progress.
  • Gain an experienced and wise sounding board.
  • Build a lasting legacy.
  • Increase your ability to influence others.
  • Lead your team with more confidence.
  • Acquire deeper life satisfaction.

Call us or complete the e-form to schedule your free consultation. We will sit down with you, listen to your story and your needs, and determine a plan for comprehensive growth.
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You will benefit from our vast, real-world experience and corresponding wisdom, completion of the rigorous John Maxwell Certification™, powerful assessment tools, and a profound questioning process, all which combine to foster your growth.


-Executive Coaching

If you are in the C-suite or desire to be there, Dianne has made that leap into executive coaching and succeeded. Piggyback off her rich experience and become more effective.

-Group Coaching

Success doesn’t come in isolation. Provide your entire team a growth opportunity with our group coaching sessions, customized to the needs of your team and organization.

-Leadership Coaching

Become the leader needed for the challenges ahead. We provide training and the tools to equip leaders and teams, whether you need a one-day seminar or the development of a customized training plan.

-Make the Leap™ Coaching

At times in our lives, there arises the opportunity to make a leap forward in our career and lives. We, ourselves, have made this jump. Learn the questions to ask and actions you need to take so as to make the most of this unique moment.

-Healthcare Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Dianne is a renowned expert known by her peers as a significant consultative voice in the healthcare industry having steered several healthcare companies to success for over 35 years, as a CEO, COO, and CNO.

-Millennial Coaching

If you are part of this emerging generation, you have a unique opportunity to impact history. Grow in leaps and bounds as you learn to maximize your strengths and make your weaknesses irrelevant. This is Chris’ area of specialty.
With your free consultation.