Customized to Build Your Legacy


The importance of Leadership training can never be underestimated. Our training is customized to your specific needs. Sessions can be as detailed and topical as you desire.


Our Assessments are designed to let you know how good your leadership skills really are. It also lets you know if you are keeping up with current trends in leadership style. It will highlight your strengths and flag areas of weakness, areas you need to work on. It will give you objective feedback on the impact you are having on people around you, it will give you an opportunity to observe yourself from a different perspective.

Leadership Training:

Our leadership Training will provide the knowledge to become a great legacy-building leader; teach you to master tough challenges; take greater responsibilities and succeed in a highly competitive environment.

Goal Setting Training:

Our Goal Setting Training will teach you to set specific goals in terms that can be measured. We will teach you to set difficult but attainable goals, to set short-term and long-term goals and to express your goals in a positive mindset. We will identify specific strategies to achieve the goals you have set, set target dates, and teach you how to record your achievements.

Effective Communication Training:

Inspire will teach you to understand the emotions and intentions behind the information you are getting or giving. We will teach you to become an engaged and active listener, to pay attention to non-verbal signals, to keep your cool and to assert yourself.

Team Training and Seminars:

Team Training is an on-going group conversation wherein we help your group by providing encouragement, guidance and honest feedback as your team defines and pursues its goals. We add an objective and supportive third party to your leadership team, we are a sounding board and we increase the accountability of your personal and professional goals for the group.

We also understand that all teams are at a different place in development. That’s why we offer customized Team Seminars to meet you where you are and help take you to your legacy. We will help you improve specific skills related to each team member’s role in the organization. We can help you develop a managerial team, increase communication skills, increase skills in conflict resolution and time management.

Mastermind Sessions:

Mastermind Sessions are small-groups of people, led by a strategic facilitator, who meet regularly for a set period of time in an effort to learn and grow together. We focus on discussion, self-discovery and personal application of new knowledge.

Anyone who desires to grow or who wants to learn in a particular subject area is a candidate for Mastermind Training. Participants can be members of an established group or individuals who do not know each other prior to joining. The group meets for a defined period of time usually 1 hour a week for several weeks. The meetings can be done in person or via a conference call.


We can provide Key Note Speakers for groups of any size and customize those sessions to meet your specific group needs.

We offer weekend retreats customized specifically to your needs. We provide these services when and where you need them. Inspire Coaching and Leadership believes that everyone has great gifts to share with the world. We also believe that building relationships helps to build the platform to make your company great or greater.

We can serve as speakers on retreats for Board of Directors meetings for Companies of any size; and for teams who need to develop in any specific area.




Acquire the practical knowledge and skills you need to LIVE SIGNIFICANTLY and SUCCESSFULLY while preparing to leave a LASTING LEGACY.

Help YOUR TEAM do the SAME.

Inspire workshops combine interactive education, peer learning, brainstorming, motivation and real-life wisdom to sharpen your team’s skills and help them flourish in life. We’ve developed the very best in professional development programs—tailored to your organization’s needs on key topics for business professionals.

Inspire Workshops are organized around four key areas:

    1. 1. Maximizing Strengths + Minimizing Weaknesses
    1. 2. Growing Leaders + Increasing Influence
    1. 3. Personal Development + Relational Strengthening
    1. 4. Exceptional Sales + Exemplary Service

We bring your team the combined benefits of John Maxwell Certified facilitators, real-world executive experience, and licensed counselors, all to foster rapid results with lasting effects.

Key Benefits:

    • ● Unleash your team’s potential


    • ● Increase each member’s leadership confidence and influence


    • ● Remove organizational blind spots


    • ● Gain objective feedback on strategies and tactics


    • ● Borrow from the experience and skills of your Inspire leader


    • ● Encourage a positive mental outlook


    • ● Collaborate with your team through our Inspire brainstorming exercises


    ● Develop a clear plan of execution, so the workshop creates momentum

Formats offered:

    • ● Lunch and Learn


    • ● Keynote speech for your company’s sponsored event


    • ● Half-day and full-day workshop/seminar


    • ● In-house corporate training


    • ● Executive and personal retreat


    • ● Leadership summit


    ● Call us for your customized event

From The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership—the world’s #1 leadership program—to a customized training event and everything in between, call us so we can understand your needs and deliver the a tailored workshop for your organization.

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